Depression Treatment

Depression is different from temporary feelings of being down, or short term sadness. Depression is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, emotional pain, loss of pleasure in daily activities, frequent crying and often feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.  It may take the form of irritability, anger and impatience, a sense of futility and lack of motivation, or just "not feeling like yourself."  While ordinary, time-limited feelings of being "down" due to setbacks, losses and disappointments are normal, persistent sadness often accompanied by difficulty eating or sleeping, is a serious but treatable condition which shouldn't be ignored.                                     
In therapy for depression, clients learn what thought patterns are creating and maintaining the depression and what behaviors can alleviate it.  Mindfulness meditation can also be a useful tool for recovery.  Other tools include exercise, possible light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder,  as well as a referral for medication evaluation under some circumstances.  Therapists have many tools available to help clients get relief from their suffering.  Depression should not be ignored or "toughed out" because an episode which is ignored can make individuals more susceptible to depression in the future.


Depression Screening Test

Center for Marriage & Family Therapy, P.C.


For more than two weeks:

1. Have you felt sad, blue, unhappy, or "down in the dumps"?
2. Have you felt tired, had little energy, or been unable to concentrate?
3. Have you felt uneasy, restless?
4. Have you felt irritable or short-tempered?
5. Have you had trouble sleeping or eating (too little or too much)?
6. Have you felt that you are not enjoying the activities that you used to?
7. Have you felt that you lost interest in sex or experience sexual difficulties?
8. Have you felt that it takes you longer than before to make decisions or that you are unable to concentrate?
9. Have you felt inadequate, like a failure, or that nobody likes you anymore?
10. Have you felt guilty without a rational reason, or frequently put yourself down?
11. Have you felt that things always go wrong or will go wrong no matter how hard you try?
12. Have you felt life is not worth living or you or others might be better off if you were not alive?

Please answer all the questions.